Little River Historical Society / Back 2 The Max 2008
Platinum Pass Ticket Purchase



Please note that ticketing for Back 2 The Max 2008 "The Dinner" is now finalised. There are a very limited number of unused tickets available - please email or confirm with the Little River Historical Society before placing an order - availability cannot be guaranteed at this point. This applies to the dinner event ONLY, all other displays for the Saturday / Sunday are of course open to all comers throughout the weekend, and there are still tickets available to the cinema screening.


Platinum Pass tickets may be purchased online using a credit card. Please note that all credit card transactions will incur a $2.50 surcharge per ticket. If you wish to purchase by cheque or money order (and avoid the surcharge), please do this through the Little River Historical Society web site. You can directly download their ticket order form here.

Platinum Pass tickets grant the holder entry to all ticketed events during the weekend, namely: Wyndham Cultural Centre Movie Screening on Friday October 10th, and the Back 2 The Max Dinner on Saturday October 11th. Full details of all ticketed and non-ticketed activities can be found at the Little River Historical Society web site.

By purchasing tickets online, you agree that you have read and agree to abide by all terms and conditions as specified by the Little River Historical Society Inc.


Pass-holders are reminded to wear your lanyard and Platinum Pass at all times during the event remember: NO PASS = NO ENTRY


Order Tickets

Further tickets can not be ordered online at this point. A limited number of dinner tickets are still available - please contact the organisers at the event hall to purchase in person.

If you require any additional information, or have any other enquiries about the event, please make contact through the Little River Historical Society web site.