Little River Historical Society / Back 2 The Max 2008
Ticketing Terms and Conditions



  • This ticket is sold on behalf of the Little River Historical Society Inc. (the “Seller”).

  • This ticket is sold subject to any terms and conditions of the Seller

  • Request and purchase of tickets implies acceptance of these terms and conditions. Full payment must be enclosed with ticket request to confirm booking. No reservations for tickets will be made prior to payment unless by prior arrangement with the Seller.

  • Please do not send CASH.

  • Cheques or money orders should be made payable to “Little River Historical Society Inc.” Please write your name and address on the reverse of cheques or money orders to assist us with handling and processing.

  • Tickets on sale for this event are strictly limited to 200 (excluding VIP, staff and volunteers). Tickets will be issued strictly on a “first received-first served” basis.

  • If requests for tickets are received after all tickets have been sold, cheques and money orders will be returned/refunded promptly to the person named on the order.

  • A valid Platinum Pass entitles the wearer to attend the activities/events planned for the Back2TheMax event, as described on the Little River Historical Society website.

  • Platinum Passes must be worn to gain entry to events/activities. If a Platinum Pass is not displayed, entry will be refused.
    Platinum Passes are not transferrable.

  • Seating for the dinner will be allocated on arrival at the dinner. Pre-booked seating or tables will not be provided. No guarantee can be made that groups can sit together.

  • Any unused movie tickets will be sold to the public. Please indicate if you plan to attend the Movie, to be screened at the Wyndham Cultural Centre on Friday 10th October 2008. No full or partial refunds will be given for non-attendance at the movie screening.

  • The Seller reserves the right to alter any or all of the conditions, venue, participation, activities and/or performance of the event as it sees fit.

  • The Seller is under no obligation to refund monies due to program changes, non-use, cancellation or dissatisfaction.

  • The Seller reserves the right to refuse admission to any person irrespective of them being in possession of a valid ticket.

  • The Seller believes in good faith that the information presented on this ticket to be correct at the time of purchase. No responsisiblity is accepted by the Seller for the accuracy or otherwise of that information.

  • This ticket may not, without the prior written consent of the Seller, be resold at a premium or used for advertising, promotion or other commercial purpose.

  • Any other relevant conditions are available from the Seller.