The information on this page relates to the July 2002 event - it is kept online here for historical / reference purposes only.

From Within Australia
For those of you within Australia, it is strongly recommended that you organise a vehicle and simply make your way to Broken Hill in it. Although you can also get to Broken Hill by flying or catching the train, there will be no official transportation provided at the event, so you'll need some way to get around once you are there. If you are taking a vehicle you should also obviously make sure that it is up to the task, and isn't going to break down on you. Also be extremely cautious if driving at night, more than a few cars have been wiped out hitting a wayward Kangaroo. If you break down, run out of fuel, or otherwise have any trouble, you're going to be in for a long wait (if Wez doesn't get you first).

Estimated Travel Times

  by Car by Air

from Sydney   

18 hours


from Melbourne   

14 hours


from Adelaide   

5.5 hours

< 1 hr, by Kendall Airlines

For detailed travel information, you might like to try By using their driving directions tool, you can enter your start address, end address (e.g. Oxide Street, Broken Hill), and the web site will map out the route for you, and give an estimated travel time. The estimated times might be a little conservative, it really depends on how many stops you make for fuel, food, etc.


For international travelers, most international flights come into Sydney (16 hours drive from Broken Hill) or Melbourne (about 12 hours drive). Adelaide is the closest city, around 8 hours drive, but I don't know that many international flights will get you directly to Adelaide. From the capital cities you could then try to fly to Broken Hill, although I'm not sure of the frequency of these services. If you decide to drive, note that most hire car services have a 100km to 200km per day limit, and you'll use much more than that if you're driving all the way from Sydney or Melbourne, so beware of that and ask questions when you book.